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Oh, my aching back!


Moving into a new place can be a real thrill — except for the actual moving part. Rearranging all your utilities, forwarding mail, scrounging for boxes… All those little details add up to consume hours of your time and generate no end of headaches, before you even start packing. At Savona, your luxury condo living…

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See Yourself in Savona – Back in Town

For years, Kate and Phil enjoyed the space, privacy, and lifestyle of their acreage in Strathcona County. But these days, the workload and constant maintenance demands are just too much. They’re trading daily chores for convenient condo living in Savona at Centre in the Park. Running out of milk used to mean a 40-minute trip…

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Savona Centre

Even as the temperature dips in Sherwood Park, progress continues at the Savona site! We’ve talked a lot about the “suite life” you’ll enjoy in the two residential buildings, but we can’t forget to mention our third building: Savona Centre! Savona Centre will offer three storeys of commercial space. Shopping, services, and amenities, right next…

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Worry-Free Travel

There’s nothing like winging away to sunnier climates during the coldest part of a prairie winter. But the last thing you want to do while you’re away is stress about the safety of your home. So you run down a lengthy checklist of things to secure the house, make it look “lived in” and deter…

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Parking in the Park

Parking: It can be a source of endless aggravation when it’s in short supply, and unbridled joy on those rare occasions when you find the fabled “perfect spot.” Savona’s prime location at Centre in the Park will place you in the heart of Sherwood Park’s lifestyle district. Festival Place, Broadmoor Lake Park, Sherwood Park Mall…

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