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Savona | Luxury Condo Living | Art Evening

Savona at Centre in the Park will place you in the heart of Sherwood Park’s artistic and cultural scene. Please be our guest for this very special evening and we’ll show you just what that means! Experience live demonstrations by master artists, who will guide you through the creation of your own works of art…

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Savona | Luxury Condo Living | January 31, 2017 Update

Welcome to Savona’s first update of 2017! It’s all upwards and onwards from here! Leaving the winter wonderland behind for warmer weather? Have you completed that loooong checklist of chores to secure your home and deter theft? In the latest MySavona blog, discover how condo living eliminates so much of the “prep work” that goes…

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Savona | Luxury Condo Living | October 24, 2016 Update

Welcome to Savona at Centre in the Park’s chilly autumn update! We’re just getting warmed up… The leaves have barely finished falling and the snow’s already upon us! We’ve gone directly from rake to shovel with no break! And there are plenty of months of maintenance work stretching out ahead of us… In the latest…

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Savona | Luxury Condo Living | August 31, 2016 Update

Developments like Savona at Centre in the Park do not come along very often. Savona spans some 2.5 acres, sitting atop Sherwood Park’s largest parking garage (186,489 sq. ft.). Despite the impressive scope, the building of community is at the core of Salvi Group’s vision for this development. Savona is more than just a parkade, two…

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Savona | Luxury Condo Living | June 27, 2016 Update

Salvi Group’s newest development, Savona at Centre in the Park, has made fantastic progress throughout the winter and into the spring! Been enjoying the warm weather? It’s certainly been good to us! Since beginning construction on our parkade, we have poured a total of 830 m3 of concrete for columns, walls, and footings. That’s about 118 concrete truck drums’…

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