Building Communities

Currently, the Salvi Group is crafting new homes in Hillshire, and new luxury condos in Centre in the Park. Both communities are located in beautiful Sherwood Park.

Our Legacy


With our commitement to excellence, we employ one group of companies to control both land development and new home construction, ensuring that our high level of standards are met, and our customers’ homes are exactly what they envisioned. For nearly 50 years, the team at Salvi have been helping new home buyers ensure their home is everything they wanted it to be. They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step and there is no question that building a new home is a journey you’ll never forget. Our goal is to guide our customers through this process while never forgetting what has built our legacy: quality, integrity, and trust.

Our Legacy

One Team, One Vision

Our moniker for success is to integrate both land development and new home construction. Controlling both aspects enables us to guide and craft the project from day one, ultimately ensuring our vision gets executed. A lot of developments start out with great intentions, but by working with so many different companies and people involved in the building of a community, sometimes the execution gets lost in translation. It is our intent, to fulfill our vision from day one and by governing what buildings and materials are used in what locations, we are able to see this to fruition. But let’s rewind a little… it’s not just executing the vision, it’s the vision itself! Simply put, designing homes and communities is our passion. We strive to build real communities… because a development is not just buildings sitting atop a land mass. Our community is the back bone of our culture, a place where we all go to rest, socialize and live life. A great development in our vision should…

  • Fit its surroundings, and stay true to its context and heritage.
  • From its inception, properly balance social, ecological and economic elements.
  • Celebrate the natural features of the site… be it topography, an urban form or whatever the case may be.
  • Allow for a diversity of products and people.
  • Have a cohesive connection between public and private spaces. This proper balance of outdoor parks, trails and paths are what help to make a bunch of buildings into a living, breathing and thriving community.


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