Hillshire Stage 1 Marketing Map

Hillshire Stage 1

We continue to work towards bringing our Hillshire project to market while working with Strathcona County on our approvals so we can start construction.

While we’re doing that, we continue to work on housing product development as well as our marketing material.  With that, here’s a look at the final Stage 1 marketing map. The legend describes all the different types of homes that will be present in Hillshire’s first stage of development. From multi-family to estate homes, there’s already something for everyone! The map includes lot dimensions and building pockets, W’s indicate homes with walkout basements (many backing natural spaces), and you can even see the placement of street features such as mailboxes and hydrants. Click here or on the image below for a closer look.

There’s still plenty to do to prepare for on-site construction, but we’re getting very excited about this project coming together, and hope you are too!

Hillshire Stage 1

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