Specifications – Salvi

Our name is our legacy and we believe the best way to protect our tradition is to put your home on a solid, trouble-free foundation. Many more options, which are not listed are also available and are designed to give our customers the freedom to customize their home to their exact needs.

Please select a subsection to see standard model specification highlights.

  • All work to comply with OH&S regulations as well as local, provincial, and national building codes: NBC (AE) 2019 – National Building Code (Alberta Edition) 
  • The Builder reserves the right to incorporate equivalent material where manufacturer’s products become readily unavailable or discontinued (errors or omissions excepted). 
Interior Design Consultants 
  • 1- Four-hour selection meeting in Salvi’s design center included.  Additional meetings or design time is available for additional costs. 
  • 1- Set of 3d renderings for Kitchen cabinetry included.  Alternate material and color renderings are available for additional costs. 
Quality Control and 3rd Party Testing 
  • Energy code compliance for section 9.36 of NBC (AE) via the performance method and building energy modelling. 
  • Home to have blower door test before drywall installation to prove effective sealing. 
  • Conduct glazing water testing.  Field testing of the glazing systems in accordance with ASTM E1105 (pressurized chamber), c/w memorandum report and photos. 
  • EnerGuide label included 
Home Warranty and Insurance  
  • Materials and Labour – 1 yr, Materials and Labor for Delivery and Distribution Systems – 2 yrs, Building Envelope – 5 yrs, Structural – 10 yrs. 
  • Deposit Protection Included. 
  • 8′-8″ high concrete foundation walls. 
  • Garage supported by 8” grade beam (size dictated by site plan) on concrete piles as per drawings. 
  • 3 ½” thick basement slab c/w radon collection system. 
  • 4 ½” thick concrete garage slab on compacted sand on either concrete or helical piles as per drawings. 
  • 5 ½” thick concrete driveway and sidewalk.  Broom finish c/w expansion joints. 
  • Front steps and landings to be precast or cast in place c/w aluminum railing as required and as per drawing.  Verandahs larger than 80 square feet to be wood framed. 
  • Choice of multiple stone and full brick veneers in accordance with Architectural controls set with mortar Type ‘N’ c/w bonding agents. 
  • 42″ High custom designed aluminum handrail included as per architectural controls. 
Wood Framing 
  • All wood framing materials and methods of placement to be in accordance with: 
    • CSA 086-14: Engineering Design in Wood
    • CSA 0121-08 (R2013): Douglas Fir Plywood 
    • CSA 0122-06 (R2011): Structural Glue Laminated Timber 
    • CSA 0437 Series 93 (R2011): Standards on OSB and Waferboard 
  • Exterior walls to be, 9’ high for main floor, 8’ for second floor. 
  • All SPF lumber to be kiln dried #2 and better. 
  • Plywood to be G1S unless specified otherwise.  OSB grade 0-2. 
  • Floor system to have a maximum deflection of L/480 (1/4” over 10’-0”). 
  • Rim/Header Joists to be externally insulated with Roxul Comfort board 110 (R6). 
  • 5/8” or 3/4″ (as dictated by design requirements) T&G fir plywood sub floor, applied with screws and glue. 
  • 2″ x 6″ studs @ 19.2″ o.c., spruce on exterior house walls. 
  • 2″ x 4″ studs @ 19.2″ o.c., spruce on interior house walls and exterior garage walls, unless noted otherwise. 
  • Basement perimeter frost walls and interior partition walls framed with spruce studs, @ 19.2″ o.c.. 
  • Plates to be glued and nails reduced to prevent future squeaks. 
  • Spruce plywood underlay adhered with yellow PVA adhesive and screws. 
  • Closed plywood risers and timber sawtooth stringers cw 1 1/8″ x 3/4″ (hxd) nosing. Drywall extends to top of treads on side walls. 
  • 3 ½” MDF shaker style casing c/w mitered corner joints. 
  • Front entry to have cove crown header. 
  • Windows: Basement window jamb extensions to be 5/8” painted MDF. 
  • Baseboard: 1/2″ x 4″ MDF Shaker style painted baseboards. 
Wood Stairs and Timber Railings 
  • Solid hardwood stub-wall capping finished with an industry leading high solids conversion varnish. 
  • Continuous exterior weeping tile covered with minimum 6″ crushed rock around house. Vertical weeping tile installed in all windows where grades is within 6”. Weeping tile connected to sump pit. 
  • Downspouts to tie into underground municipal storm system when dictated by civil engineering requirements. 
  • Asphalt damp-proofing on exterior foundation walls. 
  • Exterior 2×6 walls to have R20 fibreglass thermal batt insulation with 6mil polyethylene air/vapour barrier. 
  • Seal all penetrations and window/door openings with low expansion polyurethane spray foam. 
  • Weather-proof seal around exterior plugs and switches. 
  • Attic space with slopes <= 4.5/12 to be filled with 11-16″ (R50) of mineral wool insulation. Slopes >4.5/12 to have Mineral wool R-40 batt insulation. 
  • 12” heel height (+/- dependent on design requirements) for increased perimeter R-value. 
  • Home to be wrapped with Typar (or similar) Air/weather barrier. 
  • James Hardie cementitious pre-finished planks – 7″ exposure statement collection. (Colors as per architectural controls). 
    • LP540 – Rough sawn SmartSide trim. 
    • HardieShingle – Staggered Edge Panel. 
    • HardiePanel – Smooth. 
  • BP Mystique 42 limited lifetime warranty, fibreglass laminated shingles.  Shingle color to be “Stonewood” as per architectural controls. 
Entrance or Exterior Doors 
  • All entry doors to be smooth finish fibreglass. 
  • Wood Jamb and composite adjustable sill c/w sill protection. 
  • All entrance door jambs (inswing doors) to home (excluding garage to house) to be clad in aluminum. 
Interior Doors 
  • All doors to be swing type passage, pocket or sliding by-pass as per plans.   NO bi-folds. 
  • All interior doors to be 6’-8” Salvi custom manufactured Solid 1 1/2 Nuovo MDF c/w 1 ½” custom rabbeted jamb. 
  • 1” x 3 ½” MDF shaker style casing c/w dowelled and glued, factory mitered corner joints 
Vinyl Windows 
  • Windows to be Fixed/Picture with casement/awning for venting windows. 
  • 1.25” or 2 3/8” Simulated Divided Lites included for elevations as per plans and architectural control requirements. 
  • Interior jamb extensions to be white vinyl. 
  • Window exteriors to be White, Black, Sable/Pebble/Beige, Vinyl Exterior to match architectural requirements. 
  • Low-e Triple 3mm Pane / Argon filled cavity. Tempered glass as required. 
  • Low E Sun-gain glazing coating included. 
  • All screens (venting windows) and venting window handle(s) to be white c/w single point lock. 
Door Hardware 
  • All handle sets and locks to be manufactured by Weiser Lock. 
  • Weiser Halifax ANSI Grade 2 privacy levers for bathrooms, water closets and master bedroom. 
  • Weiser Halifax ANSI Grade 2 passage and privacy levers throughout. 
  • All hardware to have 15 satin nickel finish. 
  • Heavy duty 3 ½” ball bearing hinges. 
  • Extended satin nickel striker plates included. 
  • Top and bottom cam locks included for outswing doors. 
  • Nickel spring door stops where applicable. 
  • Front Entry: Weiser Halo touch contemporary square electronic lock c/w smart key; Weiser San Clemente handle set for exterior side. 
  • Other exterior entries (notwithstanding sliding patio doors): Weiser Downtown square deadbolt c/w smart key. 
  • Front entry and garage entry doors to be double drilled for handle and separate deadbolt. 
  • 5mm Clear Mirror(s) for all bathrooms. 
  • Ensuite to feature deluxe columned mirror wrap. 
  • All other full baths to have wood framed mirror wrap equal to the counter width.  Where banjo counters exist, the mirror will extend over the water closet. 
Drywall, Tape and Texture 
  • Gypsum Board included for garage. 
  • Level 4 drywall finish to all walls, and ceilings notwithstanding Level 2 drywall finish to all of garage. 
  • Screws and nails must be minimum ⅜” from the edge of the board. 
  • ½”Durock cement board to all tiled areas of bathtub and shower walls. 
  • Secondary rooms to have square corner bead. 
  • Common areas to have baby bull round corner bead.  All art niches and glazed panels in stair walls (if applicable) to have soft line for all vertical and horizontal corners.  All bulkheads, regardless of location to have square corner bead. 
  • Bulkheads to have painted vertical faces and textured horizontal surfaces. 
  • All ceilings to have suspended gypsum. 
  • Ceiling texture to be splatter coat throughout. (Typical closets excluded. Walk in closets included) 
Waterproofing or Membrane for Tiling 
  • Schluter Kerdi or similar approved waterproofing membrane included to shower head height. 
  • Shampoo niches included for all Ensuite full tile showers. 
Flooring General 
  • Tile Flooring to follow layout as per drawings but tile flooring areas typically include: Mudroom, Laundry room and Bathrooms (notwithstanding powder room where there is continuation of hardwood) 
  • Preparation and application of surface preparation materials, including self levelling compounds as required to prepare for proper tolerance to receive tile on floors.  Premium polymer modified thinset to be used for bonding tile to substrate. 
  • Stain resistant and efflorescence free, TEC Power grout included. 
  • Schluter Reno TK Satin Aluminum for tile to carpet transitions and tile to hardwood transitions as required. 
  • A minimum of 2 pieces of each tile to be left in mechanical room with matching dye-lot for future service work. 
Wood Flooring 
  • Floor layout as per drawings but hardwood flooring areas typically include: Great room, kitchen / dining nook, main floor hall-space, powder room where there is continuation of hardwood. 
  • Flooring accessories including: Reducing / transition strips, Thresholds. 
  • Carpet flooring areas to follow layout as per drawings, but carpet flooring areas typically include: Bedrooms, stairs, hallways, recreation rooms. 
  • Shaw Rebound Underpad 7lb x 3/8” 
Wall Tiling 
  • Kitchen backsplash to 18” height. 
  • Ensuite walk-in shower tile to approximately 93” – 96”+/-. 
  • Ensuite soaker tub (if and where applicable) to have tile wall face and 18” wall surround above tub deck. 
  • Secondary Fiberglass Tub/Shower Tile – Urban Series NH75150 White Glossy (3×6 [1 row sides; 2 rows top]). 
Painting Interior 
  • Gypsum wall board surfaces to have one coat of primer & two finish coats. One primary color wall color and one trim color included).  Additional wall colors if required will be subject to an additional cost. 
  • MDF shelf cleats painted to match wall color. 
  • Interior material specifications as follows: 
  • Cloverdale Premium Classic – Hi-Hide Latex Drywall Sealer 05250 
  • Cloverdale Super II – Interior 100% Acrylic Eggshell 43051 (Wall Paint) 
  • Cloverdale Premium Classic – Interior 100% Acrylic Latex Flat (GL1) 03360 (Ceiling Paint where applicable) 
  • Cloverdale Super II – Interior 100% Acrylic Semi-Gloss (GL5) 44051 (Trim and Door Paint) 
Interior Staining and Varnish Finishing 
  • Interior exposed hardwoods, IE (where applicable) – Stub wall caps, railings, mantle pieces, cabinetry to have: 1 coat of post catalyzed vinyl sanding sealer & a minimum of 1 finish coat of high solids post catalyzed conversion varnish. 
Exterior Painting 
  • All fiberglass doors, wood trim, deck rails and nailer (if applicable) to be painted with two coats of paint. 
  • All wood decks (if applicable) to be stained with one coat of semi-transparent stain. 
  • Exterior material specifications as follows: 
  • Cloverdale Paint Renaissance Exterior Hybrid Alkyd Enamel Semi-Gloss (GL5) 03113 (Fiberglass Door Paint) 
  • Cloverdale Guardian – Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex Flat (GL1) 02603 (Deck Nailer, Wood Trims) 
  • Cloverdale 43606 Sunfast Tinted Varnish (Exposed Natural Timber) 
  • 8” brushed silver, backlit LED address numbering included. 
  • Full baths to feature – 1 – TP Holder,1- 24″ Towel Bar, 1- Towel Ring. 
  • Half baths to feature – 1 – TP Holder, 1- Towel Ring. 
  • Bath hardware choice of: 
    • Taymor “1948 Round” in “Mat Black” or “Polished Chrome”
    • Taymor “Naples” in “Satin Nickel” or “Polished Chrome”
    • Taymor “Spellbound” in “Polished Chrome”
  • Residential Appliances Not included 
Wood Cabinetry and Casework 
  • Cabinetry Layout as per shop drawings and to include a minimum of 1 – four drawer-bank. 
  • Cabinet options as per architectural design center. 
  • Drawers to be Baltic Birch c/w full extension soft close pistons. 
  • Outset plant-on gables for flush inset door effect. 
  • Standard Elevation Dimensions: 
    • Kitchen cabinets built to 7’-0” high (30” Uppers). 
    • Base Cabinet Height = 36” to top of counter aff. 
    • Vanity Cabinet Height = 32” to top counter aff. 
  • Vanities – Choice of bank of drawers or medicine cabinet included. 
  • Doors – Blum soft close hinges. 
  • Drawers – Blum Movento undermount, soft close, full extension slides. 
  • Included Accessories: 
    • 1- Door operated garbage bin underneath kitchen sink cabinet. 
    • 2- Soap tray tip-outs beneath kitchen sink. 
    • 1- Drawer mounted spice rack included. 
  • 5/8” flat Shaker style crown mold included. 
  • 1 ¼” Quartz – Options as per architectural design center. 
  • Pencil round nosing (1/8” radius) top and bottom edges. 
  • Backwater valve included off main sanitary line. 
  • 1- Floor drain included for mechanical room. 
  • 1- Water line to fridge included c/w recessed outlet box. 
  • 50 US gallon, John Wood (or equivalent), 40,000 btu gas fired, direct power vented, hot water tank. 
  • All bathroom sinks, toilets and fiberglass products to be white. 
  • All fiberglass and acrylic products (showers, tub/showers and soaker tubs etc) manufactured by Kohler-Hytec. 
  • Kohler Kingston elongated Water Closets (K-25087-0) c/w #1-800 seat,  Low consumption (4.8 Lpf/1.28 gpf)
  • Sinks: 
    • Kitchen – 18-gauge stainless, dual compartment, small radius corner (15mm) Teago RA3219A undermount sink. 
    • Bathrooms – White undermount, rectangular, Koozzo MJ-202F porcelain vanity sink included. 
    • ½ Bathroom Pedestal (where applicable) – Kohler Cimarron pedestal lavatory with single hole drilling (K-2362-1-0). 
  • Faucets: 
    • Kitchen – Kohler Crue polished chrome pull-down (22972-CP) 
    • Vanity – Kohler ParallelT polished chrome (23472-4-CP) 
    • Tub/Shower – Kohler Honesty polished chrome c/w Tire-Temp valves and 2.0gpm square shower head. 
  • 1 – Lennox, High efficiency furnace ML196UH090E48C 96%, single stage c/w low velocity ducting c/w Healthy Climate 5” Merv 11 Filter. 
  • 1 – Lennox Healthy Climate HRV5-200-TPD, Heat recovery ventilator. 
  • 1 – Lennox Healthy Climate HCWB3-17 humidifier. 
  • Aprilaire Model 8920W WIFI Programmable touchscreen Thermostat with builit-in humidity and air purity control.  Integrated with Clare One automation system. 
  • Napoleon Ascent Linear 36 gas fireplace with black frame, ceramic glass, and driftwood log kit. 
  • Clare One smart home automation platform included c/w: 
  • Control Panel, security system as defined below, 3 integrated Leviton Z-Wave Light switches, setup and configuration of thermostat, humidity control, electronic deadbolt and system orientation. 
  • System is capable of expansion with plug and play Z-wave technology. 
  • All plugs in bathrooms and exterior outlets are connected to GFCI circuit.  
  • All exterior plugs to have GFI, weatherproof protection. 
  • 1 – garage ceiling plug c/w bell wire for infrared sensor c/w wired controller for overhead operator 
  • 1 – separate 110V circuit plug for future vacuum system in garage. 
  • 1 – separate 110V circuit plug for future freezer in garage. 
  • 2 additional wall plugs (5 in total, 2 are ceiling outlets) included in garage. 
  • Undercabinet low voltage lighting roughed in only.   
  • 1 Undercounter Island plug c/w USB port and located on Island back. 
  • Rough in switch and plug for Garburator. 
  • Provide separate 220V circuit for Dryer. 
  • Provide separate 110V circuit for Washer. 
  • 100 AMP service (Standard lot) or 200 AMP service (Estate or Garden suite lot) with a 32-circuit capacity panel or as required and typically mounted in the basement mechanical room (location chosen at the builder’s discretion). 
  • 3 Location media rough-in’s included (1 duplex receptacle, 2 – Cat-6 twisted-pair wire, 1 – RG6 quad-shielded coaxial cable). Locations as per plan. 
  • Light fixtures included up to $1.25/sf wholesale at Park Lighting, 
  • Cat 6 data rough-ins in 3 additional locations beyond media rough-ins for Kitchen, Master Bedroom or Den and Central WLAN Access Point. 
  • Cable modem for High-Speed Internet service and a Digital Cable Terminal (DCT) for digital cable included from Shaw communications. 
  • Clare One wireless security and smart home platform included c/w: 
  • Control Panel, 3 window/door sensors, motion sensor, video enabled doorbell, setup and configuration. 
  • The builder will be responsible to obtain a rough grading certificate and grade the lot as required by the municipality and in accordance with the surveyor’s design demarcations. 
  • Homeowner(s) are responsible for maintaining the grade of the lot once the rough grade is approved by the municipality.   
  • Final grade approvals and organic imports (topsoil) are the responsibility of the purchaser except whereas the builder may include a completed landscape package such as in a Strata development. 
  • Professional Landscape Architect design included. Landscaping excluded except whereas the builder may include a completed landscape package such as in a Strata development. 
  • All finish landscaping by owner and to be completed as required by developer guidelines.  $2500 will be held in trust as a security deposit to guarantee finished landscaping meets development guidelines (see Restrictive Covenant). 
  • Water service to be type K copper conforming to AWWA C800 or blue Kitec water service tubing conforming to CSA B137.10 or approved equal.   
  • 4” PVC Sewage pipe connected to municipal lines and protected with a backwater valve located in the basement at the builder’s discretion.  
  • Connection from weeping tile via a sump pit with a submersible pump discharged to the exterior of the home.  The line is typically drained to a subsurface underground storm line but is dependent on municipal drainage plan requirements.  
  • Gas and electrical meter locations are chosen at the Builder’s discretion in consideration of site conditions. 
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