Parking in the Park

Parking: It can be a source of endless aggravation when it’s in short supply, and unbridled joy on those rare occasions when you find the fabled “perfect spot.”

Savona’s prime location at Centre in the Park will place you in the heart of Sherwood Park’s lifestyle district. Festival Place, Broadmoor Lake Park, Sherwood Park Mall — all a stone’s throw away. With all these amenities in close proximity, is parking going to be a nightmare?

We’re committed to doing our part to make sure it isn’t so. Savona will provide nearly 500 parking spaces to the area, in what will be Sherwood Park’s largest underground parking structure.

The public parkade will offer more than 300 stalls in a well-lit, video-monitored, heated facility. And for our Savona residents, it gets even better. . .

Your Exclusive Space

Our residential parkade will be located directly beneath the west and east buildings, in the upper level of the parkade. This level will have its own secure, monitored, controlled-access entrance with high-speed doors. There will be no access to the residential parkade from the public parking area.

The private parkade will provide 170 stalls for Savona residents, plus 11 designated for guests. All suites include one parking stall. The “combined” suite plans — the Tuscany Combinata and the Verona Combinata — come with two.

Additional stalls are available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have two stalls, they will be side-by-side, not scattered throughout the parkade.

Storage Solution

A related aside: each Savona suite also comes with a storage unit, located at either end of the parkade, in an enclosed area to protect your belongings from vehicle emissions and dust. If you ever wondered where you stash your Christmas decorations when you move into a condo, now you know!

Convenience and Security

Imagine never having to scrape your windshield before you head out. No more sitting in a cold car while it warms up. Going on vacation or heading south for the winter months? Catch a ride to the airport and leave your vehicle at home — safe, secure and protected from the elements. And save a bundle on those hefty long-term airport parking fees.

Oh, and did we mention you’ll have exclusive access to a private, underground car wash bay? Keep your ride shining, year-round, no waiting in line!

Savona is designed with comfort and convenience in mind, from the underground parking to the common Penthouse Terrace and everywhere in between. Explore our other amenities, and contact us today to talk about getting into your “perfect spot.”

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