Savona | Luxury Condo Living | June 27, 2016 Update

Salvi Group’s newest development, Savona at Centre in the Park, has made fantastic progress throughout the winter and into the spring! Been enjoying the warm weather? It’s certainly been good to us! Since beginning construction on our parkade, we have poured a total of 830 m3 of concrete for columns, walls, and footings. That’s about 118 concrete truck drums’ worth! We have also relocated numerous underground utilities, excavated and installed all shoring and lagging materials to a depth of 22 feet, and completed the installation of all piling, tiebacks, and whalers.

Did you know you can watch our progress in real time on the Savona live feed? In coming days you’ll be able to see the formation of the parkade walls and the installation of underground sumps, slab drains, and weeping tile. Once the parkade walls are complete, we will begin construction of the P1 suspended structural slab for the West building. It’s very exciting to see real progress as it happens!

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