Had it With Yard Work?

It’s mid-October in Sherwood Park, and we’ve already had our first blast of snow. It came on pretty suddenly after a long, warm summer season. Many of us hadn’t even finished raking the leaves yet!

Yes, this is the time of year when “seasonal maintenance” kicks in. Between raking leaves, shoveling snow, and general yard cleanup, it doesn’t really stop until well into springtime. And the responsibility for it all falls entirely on your shoulders (and lower back, and hips, and whatever else you strain).


Home maintenance concerns, both outside and inside the house, are ongoing and can be major sources of stress and a major drain on your bank account.

Maybe you’ve known for a while that your roof shingles should be replaced. Do your finances allow for it this year, or do you hold out till next spring? By waiting, are you risking ice damming and water damage over the cold months?

Maybe the furnace has been touchy lately. Will it be the coldest day in January when it finally gives up the ghost?

Your major appliances, the fence, those trees. There’s no telling when something’s going to need repair, replacement, or removal. These incidental expenses can really add up, and can derail other plans you might have had for that money. Will the price of an unexpected fix cost you your vacation?


To be sure, houses hold pride and memories. But they also harbour headaches and drudgery. “Downsizing” from a single-family home to a condo can be very liberating!

If you’re used to owning a single-family detached home, you might balk at the idea of monthly condo fees. But that money isn’t like rent, just covering the cost of a space to live in. It takes the place of many of your utility bills: heat, air conditioning, water, natural gas—all included. No sudden jumps when the temperature changes. No utility company clerical errors resulting in a small bill one month and a hammering expense the next.

Condo fees also cover all the cleaning and maintenance of the common property areas, including the parkade, landscaping, and leaf and snow removal.

Condo living gives you peace of mind—stable monthly expenses with no surprises. And think of what you can do with all the time you don’t have to spend doing maintenance chores. That’s time to spend with family and friends, to pursue your hobbies and interests, to travel (whenever you desire, without having to worry about your property while you’re away)—in short, it’s time to live!

Peruse available suites and have a closer look at the floor plans you like. Explore the building’s amenities and the features it will incorporate, inside and out. Contact us to talk about your Savona suite. And start planning that vacation, worry-free!

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