See Yourself in Savona – Snowbirds

Vic and Elise have always loved summertime in Sherwood Park, when everything is vibrant and in bloom. But when the temperature drops, they head south for sunnier weather! Condo living in Savona at Centre in the Park suits these snowbirds perfectly!

In their old house, before they left for the winter, Vic and Elise would have to adjust their thermostat and water heater, stash away valuables, set up light timers, get a neighbour to shovel their sidewalk, and do lots of other chores to make sure their place was secure. At Savona, all that hassle is gone. They can come and go as they please — no worrying about the safety of their home and possessions!

They also don’t have to worry about surprise home expenses like roof repairs or furnace replacement ruining their travel plans. With stable monthly expenses, they can relax and spend those warm summer evenings on Savona’s penthouse-level terrace, planning their next winter getaway!

Luxury condo living: Your life on your terms. Contact us today to talk about your “suite life” and See Yourself in Savona!

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