See Yourself in Savona – Empty Nest, Full Life

Bob and Della raised three kids here in Sherwood Park. They’ve all grown up and moved out. Now their large, split-level house feels like a lot for just the two of them to maintain — big utility bills, lots of lawn to mow, and so many rooms to dust and vacuum!

They’re “downsizing” to a perfectly proportioned suite in Savona at Centre in the Park, and discovering how liberating condo living can be!

With so many of those home maintenance chores off their plate, and lower utility costs, they have a lot more spare time and money for the things they love doing. Exploring new hobbies with classes at the art gallery and library. Shopping the year-round farmers market. Enjoying live entertainment at Festival Place. Leisurely walks down Prairie Walk and through Broadmoor Lake Park.

All these amenities and more are right outside their doorstep at Savona. And did we mention way less dusting?

Luxury condo living: Your life on your terms. Contact us today to talk about your “suite life” and See Yourself in Savona!

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