Last Call for Finishing Selections!

As construction at Savona continues full steam ahead into springtime, we’ve reached a critical juncture:

Now is your final chance to select your choice of finishes in your Savona suite. This includes interior décor packages, lighting, appliances, millwork, and floor coverings.

Why, you may wonder, do we need to get those selections in now? A look at Savona’s Construction Live Stream shows that we’ve now (as of April 2017) completed ground-level concrete and rebar work in preparation for framing of the West Building. Isn’t it a little early to pick cabinet colours?
Not when you consider the scale of Savona! This project is, in a word, BIG. To run down a few numbers, when all’s said and done, the development will require:

• over 1,400 interior wood doors
• more than 4,800 cabinet drawers and doors
• more than 3,700 gallons of sealer and interior paint
• over 56,000 square feet of carpet
• some 15,600 square feet of tile
• almost 64,000 square feet of hardwood flooring

You can’t just drop by the hardware store and pick all that stuff up! We’re lining up orders on commodities now so we can keep production rolling. Pre-milling and machining on our custom-crafted doors and drawers has already commenced; we’ll soon be assembling them in preparation for the finishing stage.

Don’t miss your opportunity to choose your own package!

Unpurchased units will start to be assigned spec finishes as early as May 2017. Secure your suite — and your style! — by putting down your deposit ASAP!

Please visit our Sales Centre, where we’ll guide you through a closer look at all the available finishing choices. Together, we’ll create the Savona Suite that suits your lifestyle the best!

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