Custom woodwork by Salvi Group

Salvi Homes has always been committed to quality. One of the ways we’ve worked to ensure our homes are built with precision is by developing our own in-house woodworking facility, right in Sherwood Park. For over 35 years, we’ve been building custom wood creations for our homes, including doors, kitchen cabinets, storage units, and more. By developing these in-house, we can be certain of the quality and longevity of the woodwork in all our homes.

About our facility
The Salvi cabinet shop has been in operation since 1980. From the initial cut to the final finish, all woodwork is treated with care and dedication. We produce our own doors, cabinets, mantles, benches, hand railings, and wainscoting so you know that the wood in your homes is top quality, and made in a local facility. With over 22 years of carpentry experience, our current Vice President Rob Salvalaggio oversees all production to ensure each piece we produce is top quality.

About our finishing process
Our finishing process for the woodwork we produce is one of the reasons we’re the best. The process is called Post-Catalyzed Conversion Varnish, which is far more resistant to finish failure, water penetration and wood rot than standard lacquers.

Standard lacquers involve a process where resins are unable to react and join to nitrocellulose fillers. This creates voids in the finish layer, making it susceptible to the kinds of failures listed above. Post-Catalyzed Conversion Varnish creates a thicker layer of protection and greater resistance to chemical or water penetration to the finish layer. Our process uses a precise mixture of resins, which react and join together to create a 42% solids formula, which limits solvent evaporation.

The Post-Catalyzed Conversion Varnish we use is a level above what most builders use. Many builders choose pre-catalyzed, pre-mixed product because the expertise required for the process we use is difficult to attain. Our team is trained specifically in this superior process, so that you can be sure the wood in a Salvi home is built to last.

About our technicians
The Salvi Group finishing technicians acquired their skills through many years of apprenticing and training in Europe. It has taken time and dedication to perfect their craft, and they are some of the best at what they do. It is a highly valued trade that requires in-depth knowledge of different chemicals and all of the different types of wood. Our technicians are focused on quality and have a real sense of pride in the work they produce.

About our work
Being local doesn’t mean we’re limited. We use all kinds of woods in the production of our homes. For example, for the flooring in Savona, we’re using birch, walnut, bamboo, and teak woods. We have done custom woodwork that other contractors were convinced is impossible, like the below curved, floating staircase.

Creating a mono-stringer staircase of this size without supporting posts was a challenge other engineers weren’t up to, but we developed a solution that worked. We created an oversized bent center beam bolted directly into the floor trusses, which helped disperse the load, making it a sturdy and attractive solution.

In that same home, we also developed a 1,040 US gallon Koi pond in the middle of the foyer floor, which posed unique challenges for our team. We needed to develop a solution with superior waterproofing, a strengthened wood framed floor and an open web in the floor trusses to allow for electrical, heating, and plumbing to pass underneath. The finished product was a stunning addition to this beautiful home.

In our most current project, Savona, we are custom developing solid wood doors, cabinets, built-in millwork closets and closet shelving, as well as wainscoting. If you’re looking for a high quality condo in a lively and central area of Sherwood Park, Savona is a great choice. Take a look at our many floorplans, and get in touch to reserve your suite today!

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