Benefits of Downsizing To A Condo | Why a smaller home means big opportunity

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling weighed down by the responsibilities of owning a large home, it may be time to look into downsizing to a condo. Condos can provide all the luxuries you’re used to in a much more manageable space.

There are many reasons you might want to make the move: you have a recently empty nest, you’re tired of the endless dusting, you’re spending too much on power bills, or you want to spend some time traveling. Moving to a smaller space might seem limiting at first, but condo living can be incredibly freeing and can give you opportunities that caring for a large house doesn’t allow for.

Obviously there are a few standard benefits that come with downsizing to a condo:

  • Smaller (or no) mortgage payments: A smaller home means smaller payments. And if you’re moving from a home you’ve already paid off, you’ll have a nice chunk of cash left over to put toward whatever your heart desires!
  • Cheaper energy bills: A smaller space will be cheaper and easier to keep warm and bright.
  • Easier to clean: It’s hard to be upset about having fewer rooms to clean. Or, since you’re saving on your monthly home and energy payments, maybe you want to invest in a cleaning service so you don’t have to do it at all.
  • Less maintenance: A condo association typically takes care of plumbing, heating, wiring, external maintenance, landscaping, snow removal and more. All you have to worry about is what’s within your walls.

But there are more benefits to downsizing than just cheaper payments and less upkeep. Here are some perks of moving to a condo that you just can’t get in a big house.

Convenience and safety
Downsizing means you’ll have the opportunity to be choosy about your location and the type of building you’re in. You can find a safe neighbourhood that suits your needs and a building that offers underground parking, a secured entry, video surveillance, and amenities built right in. No need to drive 20 minutes to the gym–just take the elevator down.

Decorate to your heart’s content
With a smaller space, it’s easier to refresh your look whenever you want. Swap out an area rug, rearrange your furniture, add some fresh flowers and you’ve got a brand new, fresh space. It provides the opportunity to test out new trends, splurge on a statement item, or try that look you’ve always wanted but never knew how to work into your current decor. The options are limitless!

More freedom to travel
When you have a big home, it can be hard to be spontaneous. Leaving for vacation often means having to find a house sitter, making arrangements for mail delivery, adjusting your furnace and hot water tank, arranging for landscaping or shoveling, putting lights on timers and making other security arrangements. In a condo, it’s much easier to pack up and leave. Want to spend a month in France? No problem!

No matter your reasons for thinking about downsizing, you can rest assured that you won’t be losing out by making the switch. And if you’re looking in the Sherwood Park area, Savona condos in Sherwood Park provide all the luxuries you’re used to in a safe, convenient, and lively neighbourhood, right by Festival Place. Floorplans range from 711 to over 2000 square feet with 19 different layouts, so you’ll have all the room you need. Savona’s features include underground parking with indoor car wash, water features, premium landscaping, security cameras, porcelain tile decks, floor-to-ceiling windows, a fitness studio, stone countertops, hardwood and porcelain tile flooring, and master designed and executed millwork. Check out our floorplans to find the perfect home for you. Limited units are available, so when you find the one, make sure to reserve it!

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