Peter Salvalaggio

  • Has bled Salvi blue since: 1979 originally and then 1986
  • In one sentence… Never satisfied, there’s always a better way.
  • Peter was trained at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology as an architectural technologist. He has worked as a construction labourer, both indoors and outdoors and as such has an understanding of buildings and how they work. Peter’s work experience has always been in construction ranging from labourer to assembly line robot to basement cribber. He has been with Salvi as their chief draftsman and designer for about 28 years. His duties over that span of years have been draftsman, shop “carpenter” and salesman. After graduating from NAIT his focus was architectural technical drawing and after working with several architectural firms Peter joined his brothers at Salvi Homes as their draftsman. Peter brings several skills to Salvi Homes:
    • One, he is a skilled draftsman proficient in residential building production drawings. Although beginning with a pencil he guided the company through the CAD revolution that took hold of the entire industry.
    • Two, he is an experienced home designer that has worked with all kinds of projects and clients. Peter has designed and developed Salvi’s production model homes. He has also worked with many clients to help them design their custom home or to simply tweak a plan make it work for them.
  • When not bleeding Salvi Blue; Peter… Enjoys his wife, children and grandchildren. He loves to draw and paint, play drums and play golf. He and Tammy occasionally escape to their vacation home in Palm Springs, California.
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